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Discover KENZO kids

With a playful and mischievous spirit, the KENZO Kids brand dresses children from 3 months to 14 years old for all their precious moments in life, favoring easy-to-wear cuts and fabrics, for life and fun.

clothes of brand kenzo on kids around

The new DNA of Kenzo Kids


The Kenzo Kids' clothing line is irresistible, with its eye-catching prints and vibrant colors that define the brand's signature style. Each outfit stands out as a statement piece, perfect for adventurous kids who love to experiment with their wardrobe. With Kenzo Kids, there's never a dull moment in fashion.

You'll find majestic tigers roaring on t-shirts, dragons snaking down the sleeves of sweaters for boys, and elephants taking over some dresses for girls, all with striking prints and bright colors that are hallmarks of the brand. Whether in intense or delicate shades, the jungle theme is pervasive in the collection, empowering your little ones to take on their everyday adventures with confidence.

During sunny days, Kenzo Kid's casual and playful t-shirt designs with relaxed cuts can be paired with shorts or a Kenzo Kids skirt. As the temperature starts to cool down, it's time to switch up your little one's wardrobe without compromising on their bold attitude, as suggested by Kenzo Kids.

Kenzo Kids' children's coats are a celebration of joy, with contrasting textures and striking color palettes that bring fun to even the dreariest of days. From down jackets and windbreakers for the coldest days to lighter jackets and parkas for milder weather, Kenzo Kids offers an extensive range of options to keep your child warm and protected. This collection of outerwear is not just limited to older children, as there are plenty of options available for the littlest ones too.

Take a peek at the Kenzo baby collection and discover a wide range of pieces perfect for your little ones. From cozy and warm onesies with hoods and mittens to playful t-shirts and pants, your baby will be well-dressed and comfortable. This collection is designed to ignite a love for fashion in your child, even before they take their first steps. Browse through the collection today!

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